“I approached Dean to give me some financial guidance and direction. Nest Egg Investments is listed on Mary Holm’s (well known personal finance journalist) website https://maryholm.com/advisers/ as having provided guarantees around fees and advice which is reassuring. I found the fees were transparent and Dean was very easy to deal with even though I’m not based in Auckland. He produced written financial advice that I can action and manage myself, along with a financial model that can be adjusted for different scenarios. Dean also suggested some investments that I can drip feed into as funds allow. I would recommend obtaining advice from him and having a financial model created to help reach your financial goals.”

NB, Hamilton 

“We had been searching for an Independent Financial Adviser like Dean for many years. He is down to earth and made the process easy to understand and stress free with his transparent price model, language we could understand, and the ability to come to us. We now feel confident in the knowledge and advice he has given us that we are on the right track to financial success, all thanks to Dean!”

C&E, North Shore

“We decided to shop the market and talk with a number of different financial advisors before making our decision on who we felt would be right for us. We decided to go with Dean because we really liked his approach to talking investment, he has a way of cutting through the noise and making everything clear, understandable and accessible. Not only that but he went over and above to visit us at our home for our initial consultation and took the time to answer every and any questions we had, big or small before making our decision. Following our consultation we received a personalized investment plan tailored to our goals and risk profile and Dean talked us through each aspect of the plan before setting it in motion so we knew exactly what we needed to do. We are currently implementing our investment plan and everything is ticking along nicely. A final note on Dean is that we know he is only ever a call or email away, he’s quick to respond and answer any queries which is very reassuring, we would be happy to recommend Nest Egg Investments to anybody on their investment portfolio journey!”

Deirdre and Michael, Mt. Albert

“We sought Dean’s advice in the run-up to retirement and are very happy with his help. It was a relief to find someone who’s unusually transparent with fees on his website. Dean quickly came up with investment & financial suggestions that are really well tailored to our circumstances and make sense to us. His Financial Model tool is incredibly useful as we rearrange things now, and will continue to be so as we tweak things. We look forward to checking in with Dean periodically in future.”

SP & RB, Takapuna

“I highly recommend Dean to anyone seeking independent financial advice.

He created a detailed financial model for us based on our existing investment portfolio and provided suggestions and guidance for changes that would help us meet our future financial objectives. This was all done in a highly professional manner and at a reasonable cost. We will continue to call upon Dean whenever we need an independent view on any aspect of our investment portfolio.”

Geoff M, Wellington

“Dean helped us clarify our thinking regarding our retirement planning, and the comprehensive model he provided was very helpful.”

M&L, West Auckland

“The model Dean produced for me has been really helpful in giving me confidence that I am on the right track for retirement planning and allows me to test various possible scenarios as life changes – I can see that it will be a useful tool for at least the next 15 years. I know that it is realistic and based on real world data and Dean was very efficient in producing it for me. I highly recommend getting a model done for yourself.”

KP, Canterbury