“We have been looking for an investment advisor we can trust, build a rapport with who speaks plain language, understands our situation and is willing to help us understand if we can reach our goals and fulfil our dreams. It’s taken us a few years of looking around. Following from friend’s recommendation we got in touch with Dean and have been very happy. His communication is prompt, explanation is simple, he listens carefully and asks as many questions as its necessary to get a full picture. His recommendations are easy to understand and follow and he is very generous with his time to ensure we are clear on actions and rationale behind the next steps.

We would highly recommend Dean to those looking for a good investment advisor, pragmatic, honest with a good eye for detail, and a great listening ear.

Thanks again for everything you’ve done for us.”

Drazenka & Neb, Auckland

“Dean was prompt, professional and personable, giving sound, independent and digestible advice that will help us for years to come. We have no  hesitation in recommending him.”

JH and SH, Albany

“Dean’s advice was really valuable as we contemplate retirement.  His advice was thorough and he gave us confidence to make the right decisions for our specific situation.  Dean was responsive and also provided us with great tools to help us manage our finances into the future”.

Chris, Mt Albert

“I approached Dean in the week before Christmas, having recently retired.  We were looking for independent financial advice to help us decide how to use our accumulated superannuation savings. Purchasing an annuity was one option available but this wouldn’t be inflation adjusted. I was keen to get expert advice to help us decide how to spend our savings over retirement.

Dean responded rapidly and provided straightforward and readily understood investment advice, both in writing and via a Zoom meeting. He also constructed a Financial Model based on our particular circumstances that showed us the effect of different decisions over time on our whole portfolio. This enabled us to make a decision about our superannuation savings and to begin to action that very quickly.

Dean was personable and straightforward to deal with. I liked his upfront fee structure with the capacity to consult as a one-off, and the option of further consultation if required in future. I will certainly go back to Dean if I need further financial advice.”

Vivienne, Lower Hutt

“We were seeking independent financial advice, and came across Dean after having him recommended to us. We spoke to several different people and ultimately chose Dean as he is very experienced and has a very clear offering that suited our needs. Dean took the time to thoroughly understand our financial goals and objectives, and took a holistic approach to our financial situation. Dean very quickly turned around a report with detailed advice and recommended steps. His recommendations were very clear and easy to understand and he talked us through it answering any questions we had. He was very pleasant and friendly to deal with and we look forward to continuing to work with him in the future. ”

Steve, Wellington

“My experience with Dean has been excellent.  He readily understood the complexities of my financial situation and also ensured that he offered advice that fits my investment profile and preferred level of involvement in investment.  He created an investment financial plan that is easy to understand and implement.  He welcomed my questions and I value the fact that he is truly independent.  I look forward to continuing to work with Dean in the coming years.”

Adrian, New Lynn

“We were looking for an independent, fee only, financial advisor to help us plan for our future. Nest Egg Investments transparent pricing structure was appealing to us. We met with a few different advisors before deciding to proceed with Dean. After understanding our risk profile and goals, Dean was able to come up with a financial plan that was clear and concise. He was able to provide detailed follow up answers when we wanted to understand parts of the advice in more detail. We also paid for the model and have found it valuable in planning for different scenarios that may eventuate in our future. We now feel confident that we’re taking the right steps to achieve our goals and have an understanding of how long they may take to reach. We would use Nest Egg Investments again and recommend them to others in a similar situation to us.”

Kendra & Richard

“Engaging Dean for investment advice has resulted in me feeling confident about my financial security, which as a single parent of a toddler, means the world to me. I knew my money could be working better for me, I knew what a risk profile was, I knew what diversification and liquidity meant, and I knew that there were a myriad of investment options available. But I didn’t have the time, depth of knowledge or confidence to make investment decisions. Within a matter of days, Dean provided clear recommendations that took my personal situation into consideration, and he explained the rationale behind his recommendations. He also provided extremely easy instructions on how to implement the recommendations and self-manage my portfolio going forward. I couldn’t be happier with his service.”

Penny, Hamilton

“I’d recommend Dean to anyone seeking independent financial advice. He responded swiftly to my query, laid out the different options clearly and simply, and really helped me to figure out how to move forward with my investment portfolio. It was such a relief to get prompt, clear, actionable, and unbiased financial advice. If I need more advice in the future, I shan’t hesitate to contact Dean again!”

EG, Dunedin

“We sought Dean’s advice in the run-up to retirement and are very happy with his help. It was a relief to find someone who’s unusually transparent with fees on his website. Dean quickly came up with investment & financial suggestions that are really well tailored to our circumstances and make sense to us. His Financial Model tool is incredibly useful as we rearrange things now, and will continue to be so as we tweak things. We look forward to checking in with Dean periodically in future.”

SP & RB, Takapuna

“I highly recommend Dean to anyone seeking independent financial advice.

He created a detailed financial model for us based on our existing investment portfolio and provided suggestions and guidance for changes that would help us meet our future financial objectives. This was all done in a highly professional manner and at a reasonable cost. We will continue to call upon Dean whenever we need an independent view on any aspect of our investment portfolio.”

Geoff M, Wellington

“We decided to shop the market and talk with a number of different financial advisors before making our decision on who we felt would be right for us. We decided to go with Dean because we really liked his approach to talking investment, he has a way of cutting through the noise and making everything clear, understandable and accessible. Not only that but he went over and above to visit us at our home for our initial consultation and took the time to answer every and any questions we had, big or small before making our decision. Following our consultation we received a personalized investment plan tailored to our goals and risk profile and Dean talked us through each aspect of the plan before setting it in motion so we knew exactly what we needed to do. We are currently implementing our investment plan and everything is ticking along nicely. A final note on Dean is that we know he is only ever a call or email away, he’s quick to respond and answer any queries which is very reassuring, we would be happy to recommend Nest Egg Investments to anybody on their investment portfolio journey!”

Deirdre and Michael, Mt. Albert

“We had been thinking about our retirement planning for a while but we were nervous to seek help from a financial advisor. Once we met Dean we were immediately at ease and found him very approachable and knowledgeable about financial planning. He was also very transparent about his fees and the services he provided. He provided an excellent financial model for us to assess our situation now and in the future. We highly recommend Dean to help you to financial freedom.”

J & S Auckland

“Having paid off our mortgage we were looking for independent advice on how to focus our investments from here.  We came across Dean’s name from Mary Holm’s list of independent advisors on her website.  We took the plunge and are glad that we did.  We highly recommend his services and are very happy with the advice he gave.  After understanding our situation, he provided us with clearly explained options – with a way forward for the now and beyond that we can manage ourselves.”

NH, Torbay

“We are happy to endorse everything said by other satisfied clients – Dean’s plain speaking, jargon free approach etc.    One of the first comments he made was “I’m going to tell you something you may not want to hear” and we thought “Great!  No nonsense from the start.”    But at the same time he is client centred in that when we changed our minds about something he had recommended (because we had reflected further on our ultimate goals) he didn’t try to dissuade us.

It is a relief to have found someone we feel we can trust, and return to, for help with these important matters.”

CK and LF, Albany

“Why choose Dean? We would do so again and recommend him to others because:

  • Communications were prompt, and fees clear from the outset
  • He was very thorough in assessing our circumstances and ambitions before providing any advice
  • He respected the investment portfolio we had in place before we met him, and our rationale for having it, but proposed some readily understandable adjustments
  • The Investment Balancing tool provided as part of his initial fee will enable us to manage our ongoing investment portfolio ourselves, whilst knowing that he will be available as our ‘guardian angel’ should we need him to assist further”

SGH and JMH, Matakawau

“I approached Dean to give me some financial guidance and direction. Nest Egg Investments is listed on Mary Holm’s (well known personal finance journalist) website https://maryholm.com/advisers/ as having provided guarantees around fees and advice which is reassuring. I found the fees were transparent and Dean was very easy to deal with even though I’m not based in Auckland. He produced written financial advice that I can action and manage myself, along with a financial model that can be adjusted for different scenarios. Dean also suggested some investments that I can drip feed into as funds allow. I would recommend obtaining advice from him and having a financial model created to help reach your financial goals.”

NB, Hamilton 

“We had been searching for an Independent Financial Adviser like Dean for many years. He is down to earth and made the process easy to understand and stress free with his transparent price model, language we could understand, and the ability to come to us. We now feel confident in the knowledge and advice he has given us that we are on the right track to financial success, all thanks to Dean!”

C&E, North Shore

“Dean helped us clarify our thinking regarding our retirement planning, and the comprehensive model he provided was very helpful.”

M&L, West Auckland

“The model Dean produced for me has been really helpful in giving me confidence that I am on the right track for retirement planning and allows me to test various possible scenarios as life changes – I can see that it will be a useful tool for at least the next 15 years. I know that it is realistic and based on real world data and Dean was very efficient in producing it for me. I highly recommend getting a model done for yourself.”

KP, Canterbury